Differences of architecture of the Luvr Museum, as a reference to lecture about Cultural Hierarchies

The Louvre Museum

The differences of architectural  aesthetics of the museum

Louvre Palace has been built originally as fortress in the late 12th century . The current, finished building, has been extended many times .

The large glass and metal pyramid varies in the style of architecture and materials it’s made of, from the Louvre Palace.

luvr pyramid

luvr old


The pyramid has been completed in 1989 and is used as the main entrance to the museum.
The styles of architecture have evolved and changed over centuries. Trends in culture also vary , depending on time in history.
The pyramid spawn a lot of controversy from the public , because of its futuristic look which doesn’t go classical architecture of the museum.

The big difference in these two pieces of architecture doesn’t stick only in style- also the materials which these buildings are made off vary from each other.

+ my notes from the lecture:

20150327_122931[1] 20150327_123340[1]



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