history and interior design

The author of the text – Erin Cunningham, talks about problems which we – students come across, while doing research. Internet is the easiest and quickest way for  gathering informations, inspirations. Websites like Pinterest are the source of so many tempting, colourful pictures which we -students , tend to pick up as a part of digital research for projects. Ready, cool images which we copy and paste for our research files don’t tell the story, and they unable students to understand for instance process of design or how something in the picture has been made. Internet is an ocean of countless images , where it’s easy to drawn and get lost.

” History, if used critically, offers non historians—be they students, faculty colleagues, and
practitioners—a new way of looking at the field of interior design by creating more socially engaged spaces.” I think that it’s true, if I know history of interior design well, the styles, concepts I can design clearly conceptual interiors. History allows to connect times and people in different places to one another .I think hat the knowledge of history allows to design something new and unique in interior design. According to legal historian Elizabeth Dale, “to those who approach it consciously, it offers
the opportunity to perceive connections, to think of alternative points of view, and to gain new senses of
perspective.” I believe, that decent research for project which doesn’t consist of random photographs from the Internet but it’s sensibly seleced and reasonable, will be great start for decent final piece and smart solutions. I will help o understand design enviroment in bigger context. To design something innovative and practical in use , it’s important to know he history of design and to understand own selection of research. Understanding history of interior design means embracing culture, theory and multiplicity. According to Mary Ann Beacher, Critical approach to the past and knowledge can help me look critically on my own design , ” in relation to “design, time, and
culture.”so that I can look for better solutions and become better design thinker. In the article, there is establishing to law , which is also discipline, that requires relating to other disciplines like history, literature, economics and philosophy. I think that studying various disciplines which are somehow related to interior design like fine art, advertising, graphic design, product design, architecture (and so on) , could help to look at interior design by itself from totally new, innovative perspective and become active and critical thinker , to be more aware.
Mark Kingswell in his article :” “Tables, Chairs and Other Machines for Thinking” demonstrates the larger social role of furniture for instance social context and explores how meaning is created by furniture.

Going deeper into interior design environment allows to look at interior design as more than physical structures, but as spaces which are respond for culture, environment, history and society.

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