Continuation to ‘dirty girls’.

The documentary movie ‘Dirty girls’ left me with mixed feelings for the rest of the day. After I watched it once, I had an impression that I missed something and because of that didn’t entirely understand it, I didn’t get why these girls behave in this way. Is it because of they try to catch an attention? Because they are in the age when teens start to have a period of rebellion? Because they just don’t care about how they look like and they don’t want to prove anything and make impression on others ? Or maybe because they have gone through something and they just try to manifest for exaggerated bringing out sexuality by women?  These are only the main questions which came to my mind but I think there could be much more to ask . To find an answer, I did very simple thing-I have watched the video again, paying attention for everything what these girls and the college kids say. The video last less than 20 minutes and obviously the girls are criticised by their peers and they got labelled as ‘dirty girls’ , the ones who don’t take a shower. In my opinion these girls are rebels , by the way they behave and look, but they want to communicate something by that, it’s definitely not just because they don’t care . The last two minutes of the video are very important because one of the girls says something what I didn’t expect and it gave me an answer for the question which was in my had for all day ‘ why they do it for’.   She says ‘ I know a lot of people that have been raped, I know a lot of people that have been sexually molested, I’ve been molested ‘, ‘anyone can know about rape, it doesn’t matter how old you are ‘

Well , these last words which this teen says are the answer for my question and I think there is nothing more to say about it.

Actually I want to add something else. I think that our culture is full of visual texts, (like video clips to songs on youtube, adverts) that promote using female sexuality to provoke. Young girls, inspired by pop female  artists who are nearly naked in the video clips , with provocative make-up, they try to imitate this kind of image and they provoke men ( who is observer and judge) . It often leads to rapes, sexual molesting at very early age. I even don’t know why I say that, because I don’t consider myself being feminist as I like to look sexy too, but this documantary video just made me being aware of how the culture that I live in, leads to objectification of woman . Obviously it doesn’t mean that all girls have to stop of taking care of how they look like after they read this post, because I think that the way we look ,represents ourselves in some way, but just be aware and and think if we (women) want to be considered as objects of desire or we want to be treated as something more, as women with personalities and equal rights as men?

I think that every girl needs to answer herself for this question individually .


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