Further analysis of ” Woman as Objects-Feminist Critique”

Group discussion. Questions and answers.

1. What is the reading about?From this reading, what do you understand about the ideas of Mulvey, Berger and Foucault? What is different and similar about the ideas of these theorists ?

The reading is clearly about objectification of woman . These three theorists have quite similar opinions and they all realize that woman in everyday life, art, cinema is objectified and observed by man and the inequality of both genders .

2.Identify five ‘key words’ that you think are central to this extract.

feminism, gender, objectify, gaze, inequality

3.Identify three ‘key quotes’ that you think are central to the ideas examined in this extract.

‘Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at’ , ‘From earliest childhood she has been taught and persuaded to survey herself continually’ , ‘Women as objects and men as subjects’ , ‘ideas spectator is always assumed to be male and the image of woman is designed to flatter him’.

4.What is the main argument in this extract? Write a series of bullet points to summarise he argument presented in this extract.

The main argument in this extract for the topic of objectification of woman is the fact that man is a spectator and is observing and women has feeling of constantly being watched. Man is a subject and woman is an object.


Paragraph summary of the main argument presented in the extract.


According to the feminist point of view and three theorists Foucault, Mulvey and Berger, woman is seen through man eyes as an object  of desire and as a perfect product which leads to objectification of status of woman. It’s spread nowadays in adverts, art, movies.  Woman is a perfect product, which is easily exchangeable,  and her outward image plays a role of flattering man.  It starts in an early childhood when young girl is persuaded by her society to constantly survey herself. Male as a spectator gaze and judge female and it leads to constant impression of being surveyed and judged . In most visual texts , woman is an object  and man is a subject.



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