Objectification of woman in cultural text . Analysis.

The video underneath, is a great example of visual text , where we can clearly see objectification of status of woman.

The video clip starts actually quite innocent and wild. We can see view of nature and it’s wildness:  mountains and soaring eagle above, galloping white horses. As the raper -Kanye West is black , white horses and black eagle might suggest , that Kanye wanted to highlight races. When the artist start to rap , we can see him riding a motorbike , and after a few seconds there appears look of beautifully shaped woman , wearing high heels, who is in the shadow so we can’t really see her face. The scene, when she is laying naked on the top of the motor , looks like a scene from James Bond.  The fact that she is naked , and the way how she is posing, suggest that she is available and it’s clearly sexual.  In my opinion it’s unnatural that the theme in this video clip has changed so rapidly: from wild views on mountains into view of naked woman, posing on the motor.   Then we can see the woman-Kim Kardashian , seating on the top of the motor facing Kanye, and their movements suggest quite obviously that they are having sex.  She is still naked while he is wearing two layers of tops. She is white , he is black.. it left me with the question : does it suggest objectification of woman in the western culture ?

Another interesting thing which I have realised in the video?  The fact that HE is the one who is keeping steering while SHE is flattering him.    The last thing what Kanye is doing in the video which is also reference to the quote  ‘women as objects and men as subjects’ are the last a few words of the verse 2 : ‘ I’m tired, you tired, Jesus wept’ and after that he is lifting his arms and I think he tried to imitate Jesus hanging on the Cross.  He suggest that he is the one who has power and he (as man) is on the top of the world in he skies.


I think that this video is a reflection of nowadays culture and society. I personally didn’t like it and after I’ve watched that I got the impression that showing naked beautiful woman in the video clip doesn’t necessarily mean that he as a man admires her, it rather suggest that he is the one who has power. He is a subject and woman as an object plays a role of flattering him.

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