Women as objects and men as subjects. My own analysis of the extract.’Woman as Objects – Feminist Critique’


After I’ve read the extract for the lecture, ” Woman as Objects-Feminist Critique”  from the book ” A Queer Romance ” by Evans and Gamman, I was quie surprised when I realised that three feminist critiques whose opinions are in the exract are very similar , despite of the fact that they were living in slightly different times. John Berger discuss the way women are objectified in the represenations of Western culture , by looking at oil paintings in the European tradition . Females body appears in fine art , film, adverts and it affects cultural and personal definitions of feminity and masculnity. One sentence drawn my attention in particular : ” Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at ” – John Berger try to explain, that in our culture the spectator is ‘usually assumed to be male’. Later on, in the extract, there appears a sentence ( which is also Bergers opinion) ” The ideal spectator is always assumed to be male and the image of woman is designed to flatter him.” I think that today’s society reflects very well what John Berger said. I believe that objectification of females body in art, adverts(in particular), video clips, movies has big impact on how man perceive woman and how it affects both genders. Women is sen through men’s eyes as perfect product, ready to consumption , and also men observe the opposite sex ( he is a spectator ) and it leads to feelinf of being observed and judged. Female is this weaker gender and is “created to please man” .




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