Gendering children. The pink and blue project. Pink princess and blue superhero.


Two pictures.  Boy in the ocean of blue toys and girl posing in her pink world. In the first moment I  start to wonder who took these pictures and is it possible that parents would allow to their child to have that many toys ? in the same colour? Why girls toys are all about taking care of the body and all these dolls, trolleys. Is it some kind of preparation to be mothers and pretty looking women who will play a role of flattering men? I wouldn’t normally ask myself these kind of questions , because I used to have similar toys when I was small( obviously not that many and not just in pink colour). As it has turned out later it was a project. Let’s look at the pictures:

jiyeon-and-her-pink-things_m cole-and-his-blue-things_m

The girl is posing in her cute pink princess dress, in the middle of her pink universe which is full of PINK toys like fake body cosmetics, hair dryer, mirrors, make-up, clothing. It makes me feeling sick a first glance at the picture. These kind of toys play a role of priming them for a culture that sexualizes girls and women.    Let’s look at the photograph of he young boy- he seems to be a kind in his blue kingdom. His blue toys are full of man’s superheroes, games, balls- all these toys are about activity and competitions.  I think that all these toys have an impact on his psyche and the way how he seats on the chair might be an example of that.


I believe that gender roles start in very young age. Children watch a lot of TV, which is full of toys commercials. It makes them want these toys, because if children in the adverts have them , I have to have them too. One of the examples are commercials of Barbie dolls , which were already very popular when I was a child. From my experience I remember that the adverts were very convincing .

I found this Barbie commercial, which seems to be very old , and I think it’s ridiculous  that it’s actually about cosmetics for young girls. Barbie lipstick, Barbie eye-shadows, Barbie blush, and Barbie nail polish. Oh really? Does 7 years old child need to wear lipstick and eye-shadow? What for ?  The girls the commercial behave like adults , but still…they are 7 years old. One of theese children is saying : ‘You are so pretty, can I try some ?’   My personal opinion about it, is that these kind of commercials shouldn’t be broad cased. Children are just children and they will have enough time to taste how it’s like to be adults, but it shouldn’t definitely start at such an early age.  If they start to use their sexuality in early age , it might even end up on rape .

In a nutshell, let’s let children to be children and instead of filling their rooms with toys which are fake adult accessories and only damage their psycho in some way, let’s read them books and take them outside. They will definitely have time being adult.



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