mass culture contra authentic culture .Referring to the lecture ”Social media”( 27.11.2014)

  Mass culture 

media 2


Mass culture , in contrast with authentic culture , is often full of falsity and is aiming to entertain masses of people.  The 20 century changed what the culture is by technology and phenomenons like pop culture . Mass produced art is considered to be less culturally important because of its cheapness and reproduction. Manufactured in big scale art , which has been produced quickly and is superficial, is referred to passive audience, in a nutshell is easy to understand.  Mass media is related to Americanization – influence of United States on the culture of other countries.  In the first half of the 20th century, American film industry dominated media all over the world.  Also American companies like Mcdonald’s , Pizza Hut, Burger King, Apple and Microsoft  have outlets all over the world.

Art in an age of mass culture 

Unfortunately I couldn’t find anywhere full movie, it’s only the trailer.

Consumerism and capitalism contributed to transformation of art after the Second World War. Pop art as an example, emerged in the second half of 1950s and the imagery born in this art movement is characterized by enjoying money and the mass media. Pop Art collages and paintings were often ironical and kitschy. They included images of celebrities and products like Campbell’s tomato soup can and Coca Cola.  Despite of all the shallowness of Pop Art, this art movement gained on popularity and was loved by masses.  Pop art , because of its mass appeal is Low culture.

High Culture



The painting above for obvious reasons, doesn’t need introduction.

This example of High culture is representation of direct human effort and because of its history and story behind it is culturally very important. Renaissance art is not the only one example of a High culture.  Classical music and opera are other instances of High culture , which in nutshell is sophisticated and intellectually  demanding.

In conclusion , Low culture art might be more entertaining and enjoyable for eyes but it’s less intellectual, while high culture art demands more thinking and is more sophisticated. It’s the art work, which represent direct artist’s effort.

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My notes from the lecture:

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