Barbie and ‘challenged childhood and youthful consumption’, referring to the lecture ”Making cultures”.

My notes from the lecture ( ”Making Cultures” 06.11.2014)



Barbie is the object of consumption for over 50 years, since it has been launched by Mattel, Inc. in 1959.  Barbie,because of the way it’s presented by Mattel,Inc. in the commercials, represents good life. In fact, over 1 billion Barbies have been sold. It states about her globally spreaded popularity. ( )   This genderes  owns a car, house, her wardrobe is filled with fashionable clothes and accesories- that states about the fact, that Barbie is a consumer and object of consumption . ‘As a teenage fashion model, Barbie thus represents a targeted market. At the same time she epitomizes the consumerization of children, their transformation into consumers with some measure of autonomy as spenders and buyers.'(Rogers, M.F. (1999) Barbie culture . SAGE publications Ltd)  For many years, she’s been an object of desire of thousands young girls mostly in Western culture.

According to the book ‘Barbie culture’ by Mary F. Rogers, Barbie has everything found in the dreams of middle-income consumers.  Also her hobbies and activities she used to do, are consumerist , for example wearing fashionable clothes, driving modern cars, eating at McDonald’s.

Underneath I have a few pictures of pages from book ‘Barbie culture’ , from the chapter ‘Challenged childhood and youthful consumption’

20150327_145036[1] 20150327_145137[1] 20150327_145057[1] 20150327_145209[1]


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