Ideas for visual language in my poster. Directness of Pop Art.

Roy Lichtensten and Andy Warhol are two main artists, who inspired me for my poster. I wanted the visual language  for the imagery  to get a form of comics, which would have thought-bubbles which would make the poster to be clear . Quotes in the thought bubbles won’t match with reality and I want people who will be looking a the poster to make their own conclusions.   I want to make collages, which will be made of photographs and imagery of Barbie.

im so retro            perefection model


Above , are a few examples of comic  Pop Art prints,  which I think would match to my range of interests for the poster. What I like about them and generally about Pop Art comics, is that the authors highlight (usually with thick mark) elements which are connected with the quotes in thought bubbles.

My idea and visual language

In my poster , I want show how promoting ‘perfect thin female models’  in contemporary culture , in particular doll icon -Barbie,  affect fetish for striving for perfect body. Through two collages ( which are partly inspired by Pop Art comics and the style of Barbara’s Kruger feminist posters (( black&white imagery and layered on the top highlighted with intensive colour sentences )) , I want to show what results it might lead to. I want to focus on theme of anorexia in particular.


My first idea was to keep the imagery just in black &white with emphasis on a few key details and sentences ( in the thought bubbles), which will be highlighted with intensive pink colour which is characteristic for Barbie.  Making contract in colours , will make the poster to be more minimalist and clear. The text will be also black&white, but I will emphasise the key words.

The title

I have a few ideas for the title. One of them is ‘ The Barbie effect’ . The second idea is ‘How much the perfection weight’. I think the second one will be more powerful but I hope to have some more ideas for the title so hen maybe I can combine a few .



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