My first drafts of the poster

20150203_015644            20150203_015918    20150203_020100

I undertook these pictures with my phone-camera and they are not so clear and the best quality. On the internet, I found the video which promotes helping people with eating disorders. I found it very inspirational and I used the image of anorectic girl looking into the mirror , but instead of reflection of girl who thinks she is fat, I glued picture of Barbie .

This is the video :

The imagery is black&white and the sentences and the title is in pink colour, which I associate with Barbie. I made three different compositions and in the spaces between pictures I will insert text . I like the idea of the thought bubbles because they make the imagery to be more clear, but because of them, I won’t have a lot of space for the text.  hey are only first drafts and I will try to improve and develop them further.





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