The power of the poster.

 I wanted to get some knowledge about posters and I looked at a few books in our university library. I found one, which  had a title that captured my attention and it made me to feel that I want to read it . It’s called ”The power of the poster ” and it’s edited by Margaret Timmers. The book  is mostly about poster development from the nineteenth  century. In the book, there are 250 illustrations of some of the best examples of poster art from the 19th and 20th centuries. The most interesting for me posters which I found in the book are the posters that include issues such women’s suffrage, the environment  and AIDS.

Most of the posters speak out about the issues relevant to the times they were produced and they are very effective .

What I’ve learnt from the book and looking at these strong examples of posters is that effective poster needs to have clear communicate and strong argument, to grab the immediate attention of the viewer and achieve intended effect, for instance to motivate and provoke the audience, make laugh, protest, reflect, react. In short, the graphic vocabulary needs to communicate. The most effective posters are dynamic force for change.

Underneath are two examples of posters which catch my attention and are linked with the theme of feminism and objectification of women.

your body..

do women...







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