Shigeru Ban and his innovative approach to the materials in architecture.

Shigeru Ban , Japanese architect who received in 2014 the most honourable prize in the field of architecture, is widely recognized for innovative use of materials. One of them is idea of using paper tubes as element of buildings construction.  This innovative use of the material creates ecologically friendly solution.

Ban has worked on his Disaster Relief Project around the world for two decades and provided housing for victims who lost their homes in disasters like  earthquakes .  Cardboard catherdal in New Zeland  is the newest project. Most of the buildings included in ‘Disster Relief Project’ are made out of water resistant paper tubes . Paper  is very cheap  and easily accesible material. The architect has also used shipping containers.

the Carboard Catherdal  (2013)

Cardboard-Cathedral cathedral

In the video below, the architect talks about using paper as a constraction material in the buildings which he designes.

Beyond ‘Disaster relief project’ Shigeru Ban has done a lot other architectural project which are worth attention. One of them is ‘Curtain Wall House’, which Ban designed in 1995. The house is located in Tokyo, Japan.

curtain wall houseCuratin_Wall_2

The ‘Curtain wall house’ is very unique because of the idea of using curtains as external walls. These unusual walls regulate flow of the air to inside of the house and provide privacy for the inhabitants.


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