Life Drawing Workshop . Power of black colour – Charcoal as a drawing media.

Life Drawing Workshop was a great experiment. It was the first time ever that I was drawing human body from observation, and I’ve learnt some skills which will be practical in Interior Design.   Even though life drawing and Interior Design are not so connected with each other, I feel it was a good practice to learn, how to capture details which are the most relevant and transfer them onto paper. Charcoal turned out to be a great drawing media, as within a second I could make powerful line, point on the paper.  The professor presented drawing technique, which was very helpful in terms of drawing with charcoal.  First I smeared charcoal with its side part (compressed charcoal is good) Depending on the tone we want to work with we can rub the charcoal in to the paper  ( or choose lighter tone of charcoal) .



The next step is to draw the outlines  with the right proportions. It’s important to be quick- Life drawing is the type of practise, where time has meaning ( each position of the model last certain time , usually from 2 minutes-up, but the longest position which I was drawing was 30 minutes) If we chose that the background will be really deeply black and we struggle with drawing on the top, eraser will be handy tool. By rubbing out, we can work with the tones, we give three-dimensional effect .  Sharp eraser is the most effective.  To rub down sharp edges or just smooth the texture of the drawing  I used paint brush.

20150414_082416 20150414_082431

The technique which I presented is good when the model is posing for at least 20 minutes, and if we want to play with tones . For short model positions it’s better to do not start  from making the background.

Underneath are a few pictures of my drawings from the life drawing session :

The first two which are not so great..

20150414_083530 20150414_083630


As more I practised, the more confidence in drawing with charcoal I was gaining

20150414_083254 20150414_083539

20150414_083323 20150414_083348

20150414_083549 20150414_083611




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