London Design Week 2015 Lamps inspirations

For me London Design Week was amazing and exciting experience. I had a chance to see trendy lamps, luxury tiles designed and made by the best European design brands which are recognizable around the world like Bisazza.

Underneath are some photos taken by me of some lamps which I liked the most:

20150313_142223 20150313_142234 20150313_142657 20150313_142838 20150313_143045

Some of the chandeliers were truly mind blowing, not because of big sizes, but also because of materials they were made of.

20150313_142428 20150313_142458 20150313_142817 20150313_142915 20150313_143105 20150313_143123 20150313_162412 20150313_162443 20150313_162620

One of the brands whose lamps were displayed at London Design Week was Porta Romana. I think that the lamps were amazing and stylish. This is one of the examples :


The lamps is the part of Nomand Collection. I was lucky to get the brochure with pictures of lamps from this collection.


This collection consist of lamps and pieces of furniture with neutral colour palette. Some elements are also gold colour.

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