Metal and wood workshop. Handy tips for making Exhibition Show.

Power point presentation and speech given today by one of the teachers and the workshop afterwards  were  very handy and practical.  I have learnt basic skills and gained informations of what I have to consider about space if it comes to making exhibition show.

So here are the basics:

  • The very first thing to consider about interior space is size and dimensions. Decent measurement of the interior will be the first action to take in order to know how much space there is, how high the ceiling is, if the space is rectangular or square.
  • LIGHTNING .  Lightning is crucial factor as depending on its power and source (if it’s artificial lightning or natural light source) the objects, furniture which we are gonna put into the space will be looking completely different. One of the artists, who is good in displaying art is Bill Viola who is contemporary video artist.
  • Access to electricity – that includes checking where sockets are located, how many of them are in the space.
  • Access – location.     we have to find out if people are gonna have easy access to get there, if there is place to park a car, safe path o walk.
  • Transportation- it’s very important to check if we will be able to bring in the pieces for exhibition inside ( as for instance big object might do not fit in narrow corridor or low door.
  • Heating . We have to check if heating works, what temperature is in inside the interior .
  • Duration- how long the interior is available for
  • Any other informations, like permission to redecorate space (paint walls, change flooring)

Lightning and colours 

I mentioned before about the key aspects of analysing space and that lightning is one of them.  Light affects how we perceive colours so the same artwork exhibited  by using different light is not gonna be the same. Underneath I’ve got two pictures of artwork exhibitions of two different  artists- Walead Beshty  on the left and Bill Viola on the right .  By comparing these two pictures I wanted to show how light affects colours .

walead beshty     bill-viola-installations3

Walead Beshty  ( picture taken from

Bill Viola (  picture taken from

Important and useful tools for organising space for exhibition show.

  • spirit level
  • hammer
  • drills like combi drill driver
  • scraper
  • pins
  • paint rollers
  • measuring tape
  • stud finder (  before drilling holes in walls, the first thing is to check if there are any metal or wood constructions underneath)  It’s also recommended to find out whether are there any water pipes , gas.

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