Roca London Gallery by Zaha Hadid

During the same day when I went for London Design Week, I managed to visit another place which is located very close to the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre. Roca London Gallery has been designed by Zaha Hadid. Unique interior of the gallery in connection with the display of bathroom furniture was great experience . Futuristic design made me feel like I travelled  to the future. In the brochure which I got from the gallery I learnt, that water was inspiration for the concept of design for Roca London Gallery. Movement of water  as a design concept symbolizes change and innovation . The whole- walls, displays, floor are the same colour scheme- white  and various tints of grey. This Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate’s architecture is globally recognized for neo futuristic designs with curving forms.  In this building, lines inspired by organic forms  create an avant-garde atmosphere. Soft and unexpected lines of wall edges create feeling of continuity and fluidity .

IMG-20150316-WA0020      IMG-20150316-WA0028

Roca furniture for bathroom 

IMG-20150316-WA0015       IMG-20150316-WA0040

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