Picture Table by Ivy Design.

Ivy Design

Ivy Design is a design company which specializes in furniture design and cult objects for homes, kitchens, dining rooms, furniture for children and offices.


Picture table as its name says, is a table design which can be used as a frame for picture while it’s not used as a table and perfect solution for saving space in small interior.  It’s a classic example of two in one furniture design. Black colour and clean lines of the table while it’s used as a picture frame adds simplicity and elegancy to interior space . Black and white images are a great company for black frames and together look very stylish. It’s a great way of exhibiting piece of art.  The table is attached to the wall with metal supports . Magnets help to keep the legs in place.  The materials which this piece is made of are beech and balsa wood, plexi glass and stainless steel.  The dimensions of the table are :130x85x78cm with the weight of 20kg, Around the table can seat 5 guests. The company also makes A mirror table.

Picture Table


Mirror Table

ivy mirror

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