Box hiding an entire bedroom inside by Casulo

Entirely functional bedroom inside the box sounds impossible ? Mobile living furniture-design company proved , that it’s actually possible. their design- box includes inside everything You might need in bedroom: wardrobe case, a bookcase, mattress, bed frame, multiple chairs and table.

On the home-website of Casulo, we can find explanation of their concept for mobile furniture :

‘Considering that our society is becoming more and more mobile as a result of a fluctuating job market one must ask what the necessities are for people on the move and how their furniture should be designed. Flexibility and mobility have become key concepts of today’s working world and yet we continue to create our own barriers to our success and mobility. We take on obligations and responsibilities and obtain house goods far beyond what we really need.’

The design is incredible. Simplicity of the external design ( box ) and complexity of what we find inside.  Underneath pictures of this `box with secrets’ :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

and the video :

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