Test Space: ‘Tunnels of Love in the Corridors of Power’ by Chris Fordwoh

A few words about the artist :

Chris Fordwoh was born in London in 1966  and was studying at the University of the West of England, where he completed his MA Fine Art, At the moment he lives and works in Gloucester and had exhibition both- in the country and internationally.

About the exhibition:

The artists sets love in the context of power, or vice versa, in a series of constructions. They confuse and link ideas around he world, the personal, the domestic and the facade. The corridor, where cardboard houses are attached to the walls, is some kind of investigation of the idea of corridor, as a conduit and a promise.  he world’s most powerful men and women lie behind doorways set into cardboard box constructions.

The artist says about the exhibition;’ Artists are the capricious lovers of power. We tunnel our way into its corridors and change the wallpaper.’

Underneath a few pictures from the exhibition taken by me :

20150423_122842 20150423_122849 20150423_122857 20150423_122908 20150423_122917 20150423_122923 20150423_122941 20150423_122947 20150423_122958

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