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Test Space: ‘Tunnels of Love in the Corridors of Power’ by Chris Fordwoh

A few words about the artist :

Chris Fordwoh was born in London in 1966  and was studying at the University of the West of England, where he completed his MA Fine Art, At the moment he lives and works in Gloucester and had exhibition both- in the country and internationally.

About the exhibition:

The artists sets love in the context of power, or vice versa, in a series of constructions. They confuse and link ideas around he world, the personal, the domestic and the facade. The corridor, where cardboard houses are attached to the walls, is some kind of investigation of the idea of corridor, as a conduit and a promise.  he world’s most powerful men and women lie behind doorways set into cardboard box constructions.

The artist says about the exhibition;’ Artists are the capricious lovers of power. We tunnel our way into its corridors and change the wallpaper.’

Underneath a few pictures from the exhibition taken by me :

20150423_122842 20150423_122849 20150423_122857 20150423_122908 20150423_122917 20150423_122923 20150423_122941 20150423_122947 20150423_122958

Fine art inspirations from Louvre

Beyond the must-see art piece in Louvre- Mona Lisa, I’ve seen many  interesting fine art pieces  which made big impression on me, not just because of the quality and complexity, but also because of sizes, shapes and framing. I thought that Mona Lisa is much bigger than it really is and that it is separated from other paintings. In fact the masterpiece is surrounded by other pieces of  Italian great painters.

20150315_15082520150315_150153  20150315_151638 20150315_153844 20150315_154004 20150315_154029 20150315_154731 20150315_154800 20150315_154853 20150315_154958 20150315_155307

Roca London Gallery by Zaha Hadid

During the same day when I went for London Design Week, I managed to visit another place which is located very close to the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre. Roca London Gallery has been designed by Zaha Hadid. Unique interior of the gallery in connection with the display of bathroom furniture was great experience . Futuristic design made me feel like I travelled  to the future. In the brochure which I got from the gallery I learnt, that water was inspiration for the concept of design for Roca London Gallery. Movement of water  as a design concept symbolizes change and innovation . The whole- walls, displays, floor are the same colour scheme- white  and various tints of grey. This Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate’s architecture is globally recognized for neo futuristic designs with curving forms.  In this building, lines inspired by organic forms  create an avant-garde atmosphere. Soft and unexpected lines of wall edges create feeling of continuity and fluidity .

IMG-20150316-WA0020      IMG-20150316-WA0028

Roca furniture for bathroom 

IMG-20150316-WA0015       IMG-20150316-WA0040

London Design Week 2015 Lamps inspirations

For me London Design Week was amazing and exciting experience. I had a chance to see trendy lamps, luxury tiles designed and made by the best European design brands which are recognizable around the world like Bisazza.

Underneath are some photos taken by me of some lamps which I liked the most:

20150313_142223 20150313_142234 20150313_142657 20150313_142838 20150313_143045

Some of the chandeliers were truly mind blowing, not because of big sizes, but also because of materials they were made of.

20150313_142428 20150313_142458 20150313_142817 20150313_142915 20150313_143105 20150313_143123 20150313_162412 20150313_162443 20150313_162620

One of the brands whose lamps were displayed at London Design Week was Porta Romana. I think that the lamps were amazing and stylish. This is one of the examples :


The lamps is the part of Nomand Collection. I was lucky to get the brochure with pictures of lamps from this collection.


This collection consist of lamps and pieces of furniture with neutral colour palette. Some elements are also gold colour.

London Design Week 2015

A few words about the event…

London Design Week took place at  Design Centre Chelsea Harbour . The start day was on the 8th of March and lasted until 13th of March.  The total event was very exciting and inspiring (in particular for Interior Designers 😉 ).  Each floor of the Design Centre contained showrooms , which  were paradise of lamps, fabrics, furniture, tiles and wallcoverings.  In each showroom visitors had a chance to chat with designers about their work, order their products or just get some inspirations ( like I did for my university project ) My attention attracted in particular tiles and lamps. The greatest surprise was to see tiles and mosaics of  the world’s leading manufacturer of glass mosaics Bisazza.  They are truly amazing .

20150313_154941                          20150313_155730 20150313_154954        20150313_155704

What is so special about this Italian branded  tiles is their quality and beautiful colours.  They bring to the interiors feel of elegance, modernity and sophistication. For those who are interested I recommend to visit Bisazza homepage  . Beyond the pictures of tiles and mosaics, the website consist of pictures of projects, where beautiful mosaics are used in interior spaces and create unique combinations: .

A few of them underneath:

bisazza-la-_9sq    bisazza04 cn_image_size_bisazza-foundation-gallery-italy-h545