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Gizmodo- transforming apartment.

Today I want to share the video of transforming space, which despite of a small size, contains eight rooms in 350 square apartment. Sounds unbelievable, but the video show how it works.


Box hiding an entire bedroom inside by Casulo

Entirely functional bedroom inside the box sounds impossible ? Mobile living furniture-design company proved , that it’s actually possible. their design- box includes inside everything You might need in bedroom: wardrobe case, a bookcase, mattress, bed frame, multiple chairs and table.

On the home-website of Casulo, we can find explanation of their concept for mobile furniture :

‘Considering that our society is becoming more and more mobile as a result of a fluctuating job market one must ask what the necessities are for people on the move and how their furniture should be designed. Flexibility and mobility have become key concepts of today’s working world and yet we continue to create our own barriers to our success and mobility. We take on obligations and responsibilities and obtain house goods far beyond what we really need.’

The design is incredible. Simplicity of the external design ( box ) and complexity of what we find inside.  Underneath pictures of this `box with secrets’ :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

and the video :

Picture Table by Ivy Design.

Ivy Design

Ivy Design is a design company which specializes in furniture design and cult objects for homes, kitchens, dining rooms, furniture for children and offices.


Picture table as its name says, is a table design which can be used as a frame for picture while it’s not used as a table and perfect solution for saving space in small interior.  It’s a classic example of two in one furniture design. Black colour and clean lines of the table while it’s used as a picture frame adds simplicity and elegancy to interior space . Black and white images are a great company for black frames and together look very stylish. It’s a great way of exhibiting piece of art.  The table is attached to the wall with metal supports . Magnets help to keep the legs in place.  The materials which this piece is made of are beech and balsa wood, plexi glass and stainless steel.  The dimensions of the table are :130x85x78cm with the weight of 20kg, Around the table can seat 5 guests. The company also makes A mirror table.

Picture Table


Mirror Table

ivy mirror

Ola Table by AKKA

AKKA design studio

Akka is Swedish Design Studio based in Goteborg. Their speciality is designing products, furniture, illustration and graphic design.  Tidy, functional and neat are three ways of describing their work.

OLA Table 

ola table

OLA Table is foldable table which has minimalistic design. Dynamic work environments are type of places where OLA Table finds its application. This lightweight table can be folded and unfolded without turning the piece on its other side.  The material which this table is made of is aluminium.

How it works : 

ola2 ola3


The Flip Table by Flipfurniture.

The flip table combines two functions: can be used as a dining or coffee table.  The design is very simple-  by folding side panels, high dining table transforms into low coffee table. Beyond those two possibilities, this furniture design has an extra function-cork dining tools can be used as storage. This multi-functional piece of furniture is definitely space-saving solution for small interiors. Clean, straight lines give the feeling of simplicity and minimalism.  The fact, that the table is made out of wood, indicates about its sustainability ( cork is used for the stools and Forest Stewardship Council- certified European walnut or oak for the table). Having at home piece of furniture which has more than one function means that it’s one less thing we need to have,


so step by step, that’s how this simple design works :

flip 1 flip2 flip3 flip4 flip5