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Textures and colours of nature

20141125_170204 - Copy20141202_181404


I found playing with thin tissue paper very interesting particularly when I started to add light to it. When I took pictures in darkness, I realized that when  I look closer I find connection with textures  from nature. For instance the sculpture on the left looks like water and rocks.

texture in black & white

DSC_7659     20141012_165745[1] 20141012_165536         20141012_165438 20141012_165745

Texture can be shown also in 2d. Some time ago I made a few drawings of dried rose by using pen. It wasn’t easy task to do, because the texture was very detailed and I made the drawings in bigger scale. I was playing with tone by pressing the pen harder to the paper . I kept this piece in shades of black. I think the final effect is powerful because of the scale and deepness of colour.

Sofa Makeover

Sofa makeover
I found white leather sofa, which someone has thrown away by the forest near my house. The landscape around is a bit depressing and grey. The trees are bold and there is grey pavement. I felt, that this place needs a shot of colour, something what will make interesting contrast.
My idea was to paint the sofa with various colours, but not entirely, only a few parts. I took some acrylic paints, big brushes and some water and just spread the colours. The sofa and generally the place started to look lively and it created strong contrast between the lively colours and dark, grey palette of autumn.

DSC_0026 DSC_0064 DSC_0070 DSC_0075 DSC_0081

Nature as a source of inspiration

.DSC_0046      DSC01624 DSC01644 DSC_0055 DSC_0050 

My biggest source of inspirations for the project was looking at nature .. I think that nature, in contrast to architecture and generally manmade things,  has unlimited amount of patterns, structures and it’s something pure, not planned. It’s easy to look at trees in forest : each one has so many patterns created by textures and colours. Leafes, tree barks , branches-  each part is different. While doing the project and generating ideas, I started to look at close ups , instead of looking at sometghing as whole, as a form. Thanks that, i found a lot of inspiring patterns and structures.