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First steps of analysis of my chosen site and model making.

The site which I chose for my final design is the room, where I live at the moment. The space is very small and cluttered with furniture and for me – Interior design student is a problem, as I don;t have enough space to work on the projects. Arrangement of  the furniture doesn’t suit to my needs neither, as in front of the bed is a sink and the place where the desk is  doesn’t have enough of the daylight. It would be actually hard to re-arrange the furniture, as with the limited size of the space I have limited possibilities. The problem with small spaces is that if they are not designed effectively, they are not practical. That’s the exact situation with the room I live- no space for storing big pieces of paper ( which ends up on throwing not used paper to the bin, as they look damaged. Also if I had a printer , it wouldn’t fit anywhere ( unless it would be placed next to door, which make it hard to open)

I made a small model of my room with the furniture (everything has been made in scale 1:4) :

That’s the current arrangement of the room:

20150509_204426 20150509_204529

And that was the only one move that I could make to rearrange a bit , that it would suit more to my needs:

20150509_204648 20150509_204656

i didn’t make the rearrangement in real ( I just made a model of the room with furniture to see how it would look like and if it would change the room for being more practical.  Id didn’t make a big difference , beyond the fact, that the desk would have more daylight. The problem would be the entrance to the room, as there would be only small gap between the bed and door.

My first steps and progress in using Sketchup .

After someone recommended me to use design software-Sketchup, I decided to check my skills and potential, and I used the program. To compare with AutoCad, Sketchup is no so complicated for amateurs . It also has various templates and can be used for designing interiors, architecture and  gardens. Before this piece of software, I used only once trial version of Autocad, so for the first time it didn’t seem to be so complex. After two hours I had design of the outlines of my room , and couple of days after I drew there my design.

Here are my first steps :

1 3 5 9

Then it was time for adding volume to the walls :


colours and textures…


Power Point Presentation about Shigeru Ban and environmental design.

For the topic of the Power Point presentation which I had to present in front of my class and two teachers was optional. Obviously the designer or design had to be connected in some way to my own project . From minimalistic interiors, I moved to Japanese design , shoji screens and room partitions.  Some time ago I came across pictures of architectural projects of Japanese architect Shigeru Ban.  ” Curtain Wall House” was one of the first ones and the most interesting house designs of Shigeru Ban which I’ve seen.  After that, I started to read a lot about this architect and his projects . The fact that he uses recycled cardboard tubes as construction materials made my interest to grow.

Underneath I’ve got pictures of the slides of my presentation. 123 4567
After the presentation…    uff finally time to relax ;)) 
Talking in front of the group about my presentation was very good practise.  First of all I gained self confidence and better understanding of how it’s like to be speaker in contrast with listener/observer. I didn’t have any notes with me , but I think that for  future reference I will have cards with written  key quotes and words so that I won’ forget the most important informations. 
Another important thing when it comes to presentation …  bringing prototypes, moodboards, leaflets. All the extras make the presentation more interesting and enjoyable. They can also help to the audience to understand better what we are talking about. Another tip regarding preparation of the Powerpoint presentation, is to focus on the main, the most important and interesting informations. Too many additional facts make the presentation boring. Decent and accurate  research is also something important to remember for the next time.  People from the audience/ clients might have a lot of questions and to make a good impression on them and sound professional ,it’s essential to gain enough of informations.  A few student in my class compared the work of chosen artists/designers with their own work  and I think for future reference it will a good thing to do as well. 
To make my presentation  more entertaining I made moodboard,  the picture we can see underneath:

The websites I have used for the research :

video :


e-book about  ecological interiors: