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Objectifying of woman in art and design. female furniture by Allen Jones.

The fact that woman often appears to have objectified status in art isn’t any surprise. What really amazed me is  that woman has been objectified by male artists, since a prehistoric sculptor  carved the Venus of Willendorf from a lump of rock nearly 28,000 years ago. That sounds like a very long time. Since then the female figure has been objectified as a fertility goddess, as perfect product and an object  of desire.



Allen Jones is a great example of artist, who’s work has a flow of feminist movement. His work is full of irony and it’s quite straightforward. Allen Jones was creating his work in 60’s , and it was the time when woman had narrow range of roles. Women were wife’s, mothers and generally house keepers.  Female furniture by Allen Jones is a clear definition of objectification of woman. Jones’ work  became as well  a symbol for the male sexual culture of the time.

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In a nutshell : The most controversial furniture I’ve ever seen. Very sexual and provocative.  Woman as an object literally and in metaphor.