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”If looks could kill ” The Barbie effect. ( the task for seminar 29.01.15)

It’s unbelievable,but  statistics show, that 8 million people in the United States has an eating disorder and 85- 90% of them to be female. Girls start to worry about their weight  between the age of 4 and 6 years old.  They start to wear make-up in the same age bracket. The question is Why they start to worry about their appearance and want to look perfect in such early age ? Who is guilty? Parents, commercials, cartoons ? A lot indicates , that invention of Barbie has contributed to this destructions of behaviour and look of  young girls.  Barbie is known for her ” perfect” weight, looks, clothes, make-up, hair. She lives in her perfect soap bubble world, and where nearly all her gadgets are pink . That makes ”eye-wash” for young girls, for whom Barbie is a role model. I found poster of Barbara Kruger which  has catch my attention straight away :


In the black&white image there is small girls , maybe in in the age of 5, wearing make-up, with perfect hair-style , jewellery and dress. The words on red background say :’ I never want to grow ugly’

I also found on-line this article, which is related to this image and it helped me to understand the reasons of trend to look perfect among girls in such an early age . This article comes from website : http://www.teenink.com .  I attached the link below :


I have also found this commercial from 70’s of  Barbie make-up set for children. It’s ridiculous, how these small girls behave in the video .