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Cyborgs and Barbie dolls by Kim Toffoletti.

Cyborgs and Barbie dolls depicts how popular culture depicts  posthuman.  Barbie, as a plastic doll, because of her unrealistic and unreachable for females body measurements, is considered to be example of posthuman body doll.

Research from the book:img20150226_15285307 img20150226_15292137 img20150226_15305445

The Barbie Culture, research for the essay

The Barbie culture- book written by Mary F. Rogers explains key aspects of cultural meaning of Barbie doll. Consumer markets are accumulations of fantastic desires and new technologies.  Barbie is an example of the idea, that our bodies can be whatever we like if we devote enough money and attention to them.

This book has helped me to understand this iconic doll as the cultural text in new reflection . Barbie and her perfect world are full of falsity and despite of the fact that she is loved by small girls, she has negative impact on their self esteem.

Underneath I’ve got scans of pages from the book, which I think might be relevant for the essay.

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