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Minimalism in Japanese interior design

In praise of shadows by Tanizaki, the author describes Japanese toilets and compares them with the Western ones.  After I’ve read the text ( which is full of positive comments about Japanese interior design and architecture  I started be more interested in Japanese aesthetics of design. I have seen some pictures of Japanese interiors I realized that there are a few common features: purity, simplicity, in one word minimalism, which creates great balance for human mind, as there are no elements that would distract.  Symmetry of composition of décor an design are parts of Japanese interiors .

Two words which I would use to describe Japanese interiors? Peaceful & restful.

japanese-bedroom japanese-futon-bed

In the praise of shadows

The author- Junihiro Tanizaki describes Japanese interior architecture and puts i in the best light. His description consists of positive adjectives and beause of that he leaves us with the feeling, that japanese interior design and architecture is pure and clean in forms and colours . He is also talking about building his own house and creating there Japanese atmosphere, and troubles which he came across : He realized in the end, that he has designed it in the way totally opposite to his own taste.  According to the text, Japanese rooms are austere, and that it’s not easy to connect all the technical elements with that, like gas pipes, wires and electric wires.

He describes Japanese bathroom as spiritual repose, as a sanctuary. He claims that in all Japanese architecture, toilets are the most aesthetic. To highlight the beauty of Japanese toilets , he compares them to the Western ones, which are unclean and also he says that Japanese people are more sensible and have better taste.