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Paul Kelley and BOB system. In short: modular piece of furniture.

Magnets inside each individual block allow for endless number of combinations of this modular piece of furniture.  Combinations of the blocks can create tables, chairs or stacks. I think it’s very practical solution for small spaces . It’s also source of fun and customer . This creative piece of furniture is made from copper, which has been left unlacquered and it allows the copper to oxidise with time.  I think that it’s very minimalistic and functional. It would suit perfectly in some interior where everything else  has square form  and  it would match with leather furniture in similar colours ( black and dark brown) .

cube1 cube3 cube4 cube7 cube11

Informations and pictures taken from : http://come-home-to-copper.co.uk/bob-system-paul-kelley

Minimalism in Japanese interior design

In praise of shadows by Tanizaki, the author describes Japanese toilets and compares them with the Western ones.  After I’ve read the text ( which is full of positive comments about Japanese interior design and architecture  I started be more interested in Japanese aesthetics of design. I have seen some pictures of Japanese interiors I realized that there are a few common features: purity, simplicity, in one word minimalism, which creates great balance for human mind, as there are no elements that would distract.  Symmetry of composition of décor an design are parts of Japanese interiors .

Two words which I would use to describe Japanese interiors? Peaceful & restful.

japanese-bedroom japanese-futon-bed