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theme of modular form and multiply in “cake table” by Kenji Mizuno

For the start of the  secondary source research for he new project and and with  refer to the themes of tile, modular form and multiply, I found piece of work by Japanese designer Kenji Mizuno ,who is the founder of MizMiz design studio.   which I relate to the respond of these three concepts.

This piece is cake table, which (as the name says) which looks like cake , cut into slices.  For me, it wouldn’t seem to be so interesting beyond the fact, that the purpose of the table is that people can interact with it. How? The answer lies in various tables-style, which this Cake table can have by a combination. Each piece has triangular form and it can be transferred into larger unit by combining them to make a larger surface. What else I like about this design?? The fact that the audience takes part in design as they play with it.  I believe that it’s also very practical solution for `coffee table` as it can be arranged in any way .






Design means fun. Would You agree?