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 a few words about Nendo..

Nendo is  new generation Japanese minimalist  Design Studio,  which is led by Oki Sato.  Nendo was created in 2002 and estabilished its offices in Milan and Singapore. In Japanese nendo means free-form clay.  Nendo find ispirations for their designs in small moments of surprise hidden in everyday life. This amazing design studio received a lot of awards and recognitions , for instance in 2006 Newsweek honoured the firm in 2008 as one of the “Top 200 Small Japanese Companies. Other achievement is that Elle Decor and Wallpaper magazines gave to Oki the titile of “Designer of the year “. Nendo has worked with companies like Puma, Starbucks, Capplellini, Moroso.

On their website : http://www.nendo.jp/ , among range of such interesting work, I found one project, which catched my attention straight away: it’s called press lamp. as the name says by itself the lamps are created by pressing the glass tubes .


I think that because the the glass is pressed  looks like it was pinched and it gives organic , minimalistic feel to these amazing lamps.