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power and sexuality. Barbara Kruger and her conceptual art.

I came across with the name Barbara Kruger recently, when I saw the photographic silkscreen on vinyl , ‘Your body is a battleground.’ This piece comes from 1989 Late 1980s were  the time of retrogressive legislation on women’s rights. The poster was supporting legal abortion birth control and women’s rights.

Then I found some other posters , which were also very powerful and direct. Barbara Kruger used to address directly her slogans to the audience by pronouns: You, we , they.  Her work has usually  feminist provokation and there is a lot about  sex, racial and gender stereotypes, consumerism and power. Contrasting black and white imagery with slogans on red background make them to be very powerful and understandable for the audience.  I have chosen another two pictures of her work, that are relevant to the theme of feminism and objectification.


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