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Time to start to explore materials . Clay and plaster. My first steps in making tiles.

Last two weeks with clay workshop gave me some clue about two new materials : clay and plaster. What I like most about workshops at uni? I think it’s the freedom which the teachers give us to expand whatever I’m interested in. Same with design-  there are no boundaries, the new designs are more and more surprising and exciting.

In the workshop I started to explore and experiment with the materials and I made a few tiles .

Underneath are a few pictures of my work from yesterday’s workshop:

20150120_130412 20150120_130458

These two pictures are my first designs for tiles. I made two sets, but made only of the first set.  I designed two pieces as one ( the round one ) is he design, and the triangle one plays he role of filling the gap. I  imagine tiles as white and sleek, in some futuristic interior.