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Visual language as the key point of presentation

Thanks to the first project ” Inside outside” I’ve learnt new skills which I think will be useful for the next projects. One of the skills which I gained and I need to work on, is the aesthetics of visual language of presentation of the project.  I’ve learnt, that all elements of the final body of work need to work well as whole. Colours, textures, concepts, the way how I present each single piece , they need to be similar and clear and understandable form the first glance for the audience.

I found on youtube music video created by Volvo for the dance group Swedish House Mafia.

The reason why I have posted this, is that this  video is just great example of visual text , where all elements of visual language work perfectly with each other.  Incredible landscapes  with short powerful moments in connection with the song , where the slogan ” Leave the world behind You ” is repeated a few times , suggests adventures, the power of nature , unpredictability,  and wildness .  All of these features are metaphors of features of Volvo XC60.  I think that the video makes big impact on conjectural customers,  as it definitely encourages to purchase the car , as the metaphors used in the video suggest that the car has a lot to offer- it’s durable, safe, resistant,  inspiring, comfortable. In the video, it looks like the car is the best friend of the driver .

I believe , that when it comes to Interior Design and selling my ideas and work to customers , it’s very important to take care of each single piece of visual language and make it clear , understandable  from the first glance and convincing.

Has the advert convinced me for the purchase ? Definitely.